Sarti offers a variety of fun and entertainment forms for people with heterogeneous tastes and desires!

Health & Wellness

A gentle, relaxing full-body massage is a holiday classic. In Cocoon Hotel you can unwind and enjoy professional in-room services by certified physiotherapists, utilizing the latest methods and equipment. Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage adjusted to your personal needs and leave all stress and tension behind. We promise to make your stay here exceptional!

Ride with mules

One of the most memorable activities you can make in Sarti is to ride on a mule. After you spend your day on the beach under the glowing Greek sun, try and something different: a relaxing mule ride and the help of mule-tour guide! It is the perfect way to explore the area and get lost in the unique beauty of nature.

Water sports

Those who are bold, on the beach of Sarti you will be able to rent equipment and try various water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, Jet Ski, etc. If you feel at home in the water then surely water sports is something you should not miss!


Fishing lovers will have no reason to complain! Sarti's waters have a wide variety of fish and many convenient points to cast your rod. It is easy to find shops with relevant equipment, as both guests and locals often spend their time fishing.


If you love nature then do not skip the hiking in the delightful routes around Sarti. Walk in the pine forest while enjoying the magnificent views of the Northeast Aegean waters. There are various paths of different difficulty and the best way to find out what suits you is to supply a relevant map from the region's shops.